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The Clinical Trial

So, as I said, I found this clinical trial before I was even diagnosed, and was officially diagnosed and applied *just* in time before they stopped accepting new applicants.

Here’s a link to the official page for the study:

I suggest skimming most of it, but it does describe well what I’ll be offered as part of the “intervention arm”. Besides, it’s kind of cool to me and makes me feel kinda famous to think I’m one of those 60 participants. 🙂

I had been SO excited about getting in, but then I was actually a little discouraged/sad about it, because it seemed SO restrictive and hard. Partially because of the organ meats, partially just because of all the rest of it.

However, as I began the enrollment process and was reminded of all the benefits of the study, I was encouraged. (I also felt a lot better when I found out about those organ meat capsules!)

First there was an appointment to go over the consent forms and other details. Then there was an appointment to go over a very detailed health history. THEN there was supposed to be an appointment (these are all on Zoom) for me to meet the dietician but unfortunately she was sick, but I met with her a week later (December 11) and now I’ve *officially* started. 🙂

Since I wasn’t starting yet, I kept allowing myself little cheats, especially since it was Thanksgiving, and then we had our annual Gingerbread House weekend. But I realized that I’m doing this for *myself*, not for the study, so I needed to be more serious about it. So, as of monday, I’ve been completely on the wagon. 😉 Also, the dietician told me which supplements to order (very nice of her since that would have been part of our initial meeting normally) so I’ve already received some of those and the rest are on their way. 🙂 For safety reasons (in case I have a reaction, which is rare), I’m only starting one new supplement every 4 days, so it doesn’t matter that I don’t have all of them right now.

Basically, the study consists of sticking to the diet, walking every day, and doing deep breathing exercises at least twice a day, and then logging all of that information in an app. Also, every 3 months I have to do more detailed surveys and food logs to track my progress.

Benefits of being in the study:

#1 Accountability & support: I’ll have a lot meetings with the dietician, and there’s also a support group, and I can email the various members of the team if I have questions in between my appts.

#2 Guidance: Again, I’ll be meeting with a dietician, so I’ll have help figuring out some of the complexities of the diet.

#3 Feeling like I’m helping other people with MS: Maybe what is learned from this study will help someone else.

#4 Financial benefits (not the reason I’m doing this, but worth listing): The time I’m getting with the dietician is worth a lot on its own, and I’m not paying a penny for that. Plus, I get a little bit of money every 3 months when I have to do those tedious food logs and surveys. 😉 AND I’m being reimbursed for any supplements I’m directed to take as part of the study.

#5 Dr. Wahls: I actually get to meet with Dr. Wahls (online)! I will have a 1-on-1 appt with her later on AND she’s part of our monthly support group calls. So that’s kind of cool. 😉


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