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July Update


No updates

What I am eating/cooking:

I don’t think I have any new recipes to share, but we’re enjoying a wider variety of food!

So far we’ve reintroduced:
Peppers (includes paprika!)

*I realize these are not individual foods. πŸ˜‰ I really wanted granola and it was several new ingredients, and I wanted to add hummus which I actually forgot has tahini until a coworker reminded me, πŸ˜‰ so I just risked it and added the granola and the hummus on consecutive sundays, just like they were an individual “food”. πŸ™‚ (The granola is basically just nuts and seeds, it’s just that I haven’t had all those nuts/seeds recently and I technically should have added them one by one. It’s the same thing with chickpeas and tahini for the hummus.)

I’m up to 122 types of edible plants eaten since 12/12/20 (up from 117 last month). (But once again, I found some that I had eaten before this month but forgot to write down.) I’ve had a few people ask me about what’s on this list, so if you’re interested, here it is!

How I’m doing emotionally:

Generally I’m okay, although this was a sobering month, because one of the ladies that I’ve sort of become buddies with in the support group had a disappointing MRI. We’re all hoping that our MRIs will show the same lesions, or even, possibly, fewer, and she had *more*, which is NOT what any of us want, obviously. It was very discouraging. She’s trying to decide if she needs to go on medication (which is not as helpful as people think and she’s already researched it) or what else to try, and one of the other people in our group shared that his symptoms had gotten worse and he already made the decision to go on medication (in addition to the lifestyle changes). So, although it doesn’t directly affect me, it made me wonder what *my* MRI will show, and what I’ll do if it’s not what I’m hoping.

Things I’m proud of:

Mom & I have been swimming 2x/week! (Except for one week when she couldn’t go and I didn’t feel like going without her, so we only went 1x.)

Plus, last time we went (on sunday) I swam the entire thing without stopping to rest (other than touching my toe for a moment as I was turning around at the end of the pool, and I tried not to even do that)! That was a big confidence boost for being able to finish the swim portion of the triathlon. It’s still not too late to join me! πŸ˜‰ And we’re signed up for semi-private lessons starting on friday! So we’ll see how that goes. I only plan to use a couple of them (you have to buy 4 at a time) before the triathlon, and we’ll spread the other ones out more, because I plan to keep swimming for exercise. I’ve read that it has a lot of benefits!


I started a swim card! πŸ™‚ At our swim club, you can keep track of how far you swim, and every 50 miles you get your name published in the newsletter! Mom’s been keeping track for a while, but I just started! So far I have 4 miles!

Oh, and I found this website with ideas on how to keep track of laps/lengths swum, and I really like the alphabet method! It’s something to think about while I swim, and it’s a game to see what words I can come up with. I don’t have rules. πŸ˜‰ Proper names, whatever, they all count (and I don’t have to be able to spell them!). And sometimes I repeat them, but that’s okay because I don’t want to forget what lap I’m on while I’m trying to think of another word! Sometimes I end up on a theme, like “justice, judgment, judge, jury” and sometimes I have to catch myself because I’ll think of a word and have to remember if it *actually* starts with that letter or not. πŸ˜‰ Homonyms usually work too to think of some more words, and variations on words, like “swim, swam, swimming, swum”. I feel proud of myself if I think of something like “jicama” for “J”. πŸ™‚

Quick Summary of the Month (May):

Walking17 mins18 mins20 mins! πŸ™‚23 mins27 mins!18 mins15 mins
Dark Leafy Greens1.!1.61.7!1.1
Averages per month (a serving of leafy greens is 2 cups, all other servings are 1 cup each)

I’m a little disappointed in my leafy greens, but I’m impressed how many servings of sulfur-rich I got! Once again, I’m not concerned about my walking, although this probably wasn’t a *great* month for exercise. We have been swimming 2x/week as I mentioned, but between the heat wave, and general laziness, I haven’t been doing much else.


One thought on “July Update

  1. Wow Amanda! What a great report! You’re something else!! Your chart at the end is especially impressive!! See you Sabbath! Sheri πŸ‘

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